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Welcome to Fluffy Butts Dog Salon. My name is Jo, we are a home-based salon in Urraween. Dog Grooming is not just a job to me its become a passion of mine found later in life after spending 25 years in the accounting sector.  We have a Cert III in dog grooming through The College of Parramatta in Sydney. We studied with Michelle Warren at A Touch of Class Dog Grooming School in Melbourne in 2016 and continued more study with renowned, 3rd Gen dog groomer Kylie Tatti at KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy in 2019 and we have been grooming now for 7 years. Here at Fluffy Butts Dog Salon we are a one on one dog grooming salon by appointment only. We cater for the anxious & non-social dogs as no other dogs are at their appointment. All you need to do is drop your fur baby off and we will give you a text or call once they are ready. Maximum time in our salon would be 1.5-2 hours per dog, not all day like other salons.
I pride myself on my patience & kindness. We have a full clientele whom we groom for on a regular basis and we can't wait to start looking after your precious pet.

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By accepting and booking a Dog Grooming appointment with Fluffy Butts Dog Salon via phone or internet, you are agreeing to all the T&C and policies set out below:


Privacy Policy

·  At Fluffy Butts Dog Salon, we take your privacy seriously. For the safety of our clients, we maintain records of any health or medical conditions which may indicate that a particular service or treatment should not go ahead (e.g., allergies, pregnancy, skin conditions) or a particular product should not be used (shampoo, conditioner, etc.).

· Client records are held securely within our salon and can only be seen by us.


Client consent 

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that Vaccinations are to be up to date. If Vaccinations are not upto date it is at your risk and we take no responsibility if your pet becomes unwell. 

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that if the dog is unwell with sickness, diarrhea, has a contagious disease or infection, then the client/Owner(s) will inform Fluffy Butts Dog Salon and agree to reschedule the appointment.

·  The client/Owner(s) will advise if the dog has any allergies, requires medication, has sore limbs or recently had a fall/surgery, also if the dog is or isn’t allowed to have treats.

·  The client/Owner(s) understands we will examine the dog for any irregular lumps, bumps or infections during the grooming process and if anything is found they will discuss it with you. Please note that this is not a professional medical examination. Medical advice from a vet must be consulted.

Pricing / Services

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon’s Price List is current but prices are subject to change. The prices stated are to be used as guide only. All phone inquiries will be given a guide and a firm price will be given on arrival to the salon.

·  Additional surcharges for matting, undercoat removal & fleas may apply if required.

·  If your dog has fleas, this causes extra after groom cleaning and fumigation of premises, equipment and the groomer. Additional fees will be applicable.

·  We accept cash or EFT payments incur (1.4% Surcharge) on the day of service.


·  At all times, we have the right to refuse to work with difficult/aggressive dogs. 

·  If the dog is accepted for grooming and displays unco-operative behaviour, or is simply too old to complete the groom, the groom may be terminated without being finished. If this occurs, the client/Owner(s) will be contacted to collect the dog and 50% of the grooming price will still be required to be paid. We will also recommend for the dog to be groomed under vet supervision.

·  The client/Owner(s) agrees to inform staff prior to the dogs grooming session if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies. The client/Owner(s) must understand that they will be held responsible for all bites caused by their dog.

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that senior pets may have underlying conditions that can be aggravated during or after normal grooming procedures. 

Puppies first appointment

Your puppies first appointment is the most important. If your puppy is a medium/high grooming dog, he/she should start their grooming journey as soon as possible. This means 2 weeks after the last puppy vaccinations.  This enables the puppy to get used to all the feels and sounds of the grooming salon e.g. Hydrobath, dryer, nail clipper & hair clippers. In other words it de-sensitise's your puppy so it's not a stressful experience for he/she when visiting the salon and this process is slow.  A wash, dry and a tidy-up is all that should be completed for the first 3 visits.  

Matting & Knots

·  If the dog is matted, we will not complete any bathing-only services. Coats require a Full Groom at this stage.

·  To ensure the comfort of the dog, extremely matted dogs will not be brushed out and will be clipped using the appropriate blade. We will try our best to notify the client/Owner(s) before they start the process, however, if we cannot reach the client/Owner(s) by phone, then we will use our best discretion whilst your dog is in our care.

·  Should the dog need a complete clip off due to being heavily matted, the client/Owner(s) understand there is always a risk of minor nicks and irritation (clipper burn). This is due to unseen warts, moles or skin that can be pulled up into matts.

·  It is quite possible that we can accidentally harm your dog whilst brushing too hard or frequently in certain areas that are extremely matted.

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that where there is heavy matting, moisture can be trapped near the skin allowing fungus and bacteria to flourish, resulting in a variety of skin issues, irritations and conditions. It also provides a perfect environment for parasites such as fleas.

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that heavy matting may result in a longer appointment time therefore the client/Owner(s) agree to pay any extra charges due to the extra time and care that the dog will receive. Charges may apply.

Cancellations, Late arrival & No shows

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon have a very STRICT no-show policy and require all cancellations to be made 24hrs in advance.

·  Should the client/Owner(s) be running late for an appointment, please call and advise. 

·  We have the right to cancel the confirmed appointments should you be more than 15 minutes late with no contact.

·  If no show or cancelled appointments outside of the 24-hour policy, $30 will be charged at the next appointment.

·  Multiple cancellations may result in refusal of services.

Drop off & Pick up

 Fluffy Butts Dog Salon requests that you arrive at your appointment as close to the time as possible. As we are a one on one grooming salon, we can only cater for one dog at a time, which gives your dog our full attention.

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon requests that you do not arrive at the salon for pick up earlier than stated, doing so may stress out your dog and cause the inability to complete the groom. When dogs see their owners, but cannot go to them, they may play up, and in doing so is dangerous around sharp tools and may result in injury.

·  Early arrival will result in your pet being sent home unfinished, and the Client/Owner(s) understands that they will be charged full price.

·  The client/Owner(s) must inform us if a partner, friend or family member is picking up the dog, we will not hand any dog to a person they don’t know.

·  The client/Owner(s) understands that pick up of the dog must occur within 30min of contact, or additional charges may be applicable, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Elderly & Disabled Pets

·  Elderly & Disabled Pets will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. They will be completed “as best as possible”. Specific haircuts or styles may not be completed on pets that are Elderly or Disabled. A haircut will be completed to what makes the dog most comfortable.

·  If we feel that it’s too much on the dog to complete a full groom, we may ask you to return another day or be referred to a Veterinarian Groomer, for the safety of the dog.

·  Depending on the difficulty and time taken to groom the dog, they may be an additional charge of $15+.


Double Coat Shave Downs

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon advises not to shave down any double coated dogs, unless medically necessary or the dog is compacted to the point where brushing is not an option. (for example - Pomeranian's, Beagles etc)

·  Doing a shave down will cause damage to the coat, and may reduce the ability for the dog to regulate its body temperature.

·  The Client/Owner(s) understands that a waiver will need to be signed stating that they understand the risks involved. If this groom is required, additional fees will be applicable due to the wear & tear on the blades, time and effort involved.


·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon has full Public Liability Insurance in the event of any damage, accident and loss to your pet or us.

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon are not liable for any medical or vet costs. However, the client/Owner(s) accepts and grants permission for us to obtain emergency Veterinary treatment for the dog at the client/Owner(s) expense should it become necessary.

·  The client/Owner(s) agrees that Fluffy Butts Dog Salon shall not be held liable for any after grooming effects that matt clipping may produce or any problems uncovered on the badly matted neglected coat, i.e. bruising.

·  Fluffy Butts Dog Salon provides all dogs where possible with a bow or other accessories to complement their groom. The client/Owner(s) understands that these bows or accessories can be a choking hazard and understands that they are only safe for the dog to wear whilst supervised.

·  I acknowledge that accidents can and do happen and I hereby absolve Fluffy Butts Dog Salon from any and all responsibility involving, injury, escape, damage or disease during and after their grooming appointment.

·  Any complaints or dissatisfaction must be notified and discussed on completion of the groom, before leaving premises. In the event of any agreed additional grooming, as goodwill the dog must be returned within 2 days.

Social media release

·  The Client/Owner(s) give permission to Fluffy Butts Dog Salon to show my before and after photos and/or videos to other potential clients as needed without claim (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.)

These Terms & Conditions are in place to protect us all. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0491 108 902.

Dog Grooming Tools

Price List




Bath, Blow Dry & Brushout, Shave Hygiene area, trim nails & Pads. 

This session also includes desensitising your puppy to all the sounds and feels of the grooming salon & should be started from 14 weeks of age.  Home grooming should be started immediately.


Extra Small/Small   -   From  $70

Small/Medium  -   From  $75




Clipping upto 9.2mm of hair left, suitable for warmer months or just for easy maintenance.

Bath, Blow Dry, Full Body Clip, Shave Hygiene area, Trim nails, Feet & Tail.

​Small  -  From  $75    

Small/Medium  -  From  $80

* Please note:

Excessive matting/pelting we will not de-matt your dog, they will be shaved down with the appropriate blade.

We practice humanity over vanity.



Clipping 10mm & over of hair left, suitable for cooler months.

Bath, Blow Dry, Full Body Clip, Shave Hygiene area, Trim nails, Feet & Tail.

      Small  -  From  $80     

 Small/Medium  -  From  $85

*Please note coat must be in reasonably good condition to complete this desired length.



Breed standard clip for your pure breed dog. 

Bath, Blow Dry, Full Body Clip, Scissor Finish, Shave Hygiene area, Trim nails, Feet & Tail.

        Small  -   From  $80        

Small/Medium  -  From  $90

*Please note coat must be in reasonably good condition to complete this desired length.


Minor Matting - $5,  Difficult Dogs - $15, Fleas (Salon Clean up) - $15.

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Cash & Eftpos accepted. (Sucharge fees apply on card transcations)

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